Below Au Train Falls, photo by Neil Weaver Photography The Au Train Falls information page from Chatham, MI says (in part): The AuTrain Falls are part of the AuTrain River. A major reason why the falls were created is because of the large power dam located about a mile south of the falls site, in close […]

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The Jaws of Point Betsie, photo by Kristina Lishawa Photography Sweet shot of Michigan’s most photographed lighthouse, the Point Betsie Light just north of Frankfort. Kristina writes: Ordinarily, someone trying to take a photo from this angle would be pounded mercilessly into the break wall by crashing waves. Lake Michigan granted me an unusually calm […]

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As I was admiring and enjoying my blogging friends’ Monday vases this morning, I suddenly realized I could share my Thanksgiving centerpiece. Not technically a vase, not technically blooms…but sort of, kind of, stretching the limits…in the ballpark. This type of project is what you resort to after 15 years of writing for the newspaper and are desperate to produce another weekly column that’s worth reading. It’s […]

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I spend a good bit of time at the close of each year editing travel photos so I can share the best with those who joined me on the trip. Here are a dozen favorites from the West Country Gardens tour, June 7-17. There are many things I look for when visiting gardens, but I’m most interested in how they relate to […]

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Your enthusiasm for Ridleys Cheer has prompted me to write more about one of my favorite English gardens. Located in Wiltshire, the garden has been created by garden designer Antony Young and his wife, Sue, since the early 1980s. The couple initially planned a short stay, but were able to purchase additional land and so made the […]

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After spending nine mid-January days in Washington, DC, I was thrilled to arrive home early last week to find blooms, inside and out, including the first flower on a Hippeastrum I ordered just before Christmas. I chose ‘Blossom Peacock’ from Brent and Becky’s online catalog because it was described as Brent’s favorite for its incredible symmetry, […]

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